Author: 秦淮洲 (Qin Huai Zhou)
Translator: Slopaw

As her lover, Lin Zhiyang was forbidden to get too close to her. After knowing her for a year, the only thing she knew about the professor was the spot of the few moles on her body.

The end result of her attempt to thaw the glacier was, on the day of her carefully planned confession, she rolled up her window as she drove by, stepped on the gas, and drove off.

That was why when she said “break up,” she could taste the sweetness of those two words at the sight of Yu Che’s ashen face, as if they had ever been together.


Yu Che couldn’t underestimate Lin Zhiyang’s attraction to her. It was a torture every time she turned her down. 

No one knew how much courage it took for the glacier to approach the sun. To draw on this warmth, she drank poison to quench her thirst. She wasn’t asking for her love to be deep, but to last.

The dream of uncertainty and indulgence that had lasted for a year was shattered when Lin Zhiyang left. She came to realize that love couldn’t be hidden when it ran deep.


“For the one time you came to this world, you would want to see the sun and walk down the street with the one you love.” 

“Would Professor Yu like to see the sun with me in the days to come?”

“You are my sunshine.”