About LeiRion

LeiRion was born out of my passion for yuri novels. There are a bunch of good yuri novels out there but most of them are not translated. It’s a shame that these novels get left out. So, LeiRion is here to provide a place where yuri lovers can enjoy good yuri novels. (Though, there’s only one series now. But!! There’ll be more in the future. Stay tuned!)

P.S. I’ll try to pick up more novels within my capability which is quite limited. Anyone who would like to pick up yuri projects, you’re most welcome!

Join Us

Want to share your passion for yuri novels? Join us and spread the joy!

I welcome anyone who wish to host yuri projects, or enhance the quality of current projects by editing. Let’s build a better community for yuri together.

To apply as a translator or editor. Email me at hello@leirionverse.com.